• June 13, 2018

LiveRamp Integrates with Bing Ads

LiveRamp, a provider of omnichannel identity resolution, today unfurled an integration with Microsoft Bing Ads to deliver people-based search capabilities in Bing Ads Custom Audiences.

Supported by LiveRamp's identity resolution service, IdentityLink, Bing Ads Custom Audiences will allow targeting or retargeting of search ads at the individual level, empowering search marketers to extend and activate their existing CRM segments to Bing.

The LiveRamp integration allows advertisers to integrate search activity on Bing with the people-based marketing initiatives they power through IdentityLink in other channels.

"In January of this year alone, the top four online search engines fielded 17.5 billion core search queries. While that's a powerful pool for advertisers to dip into, historically they had to choose between Google Customer Match or Bing Ads Custom Audiences to improve campaign performance," said Jeff Smith, chief marketing officer and general manager of brands at LiveRamp, in a statement. "By adding LiveRamp IdentityLink to Bing Ads Custom Audiences, we're giving search marketers the ability to integrate their efforts across these two powerful channels. They can distribute the same segments used for Google Customer Match to Bing Ads to lower their CPA while increasing conversion rates and return-on-ad-spend."

"Our customers expect us to work with them to optimize their search-based marketing campaigns with Bing Ads Custom Audiences, but we felt we could be doing more to optimize the effectiveness of customer matching," said Brian Utter, general manager of Bing Network and Demand at Microsoft, in a statement. "By integrating with LiveRamp, we will continue to deliver quality converting traffic for advertisers across our search properties, with the added benefit of cookie-based matching at the individual level to drive more relevant, more effective advertising. LiveRamp is a great partner with their proven people-based marketing techniques and commitment to innovation."

Existing Bing Ads customers can use Bing Ads Custom Audiences powered by LiveRamp by logging into their Connect accounts, entering their Bing Ads Account information, and selecting their audiences. The variations of custom audiences can be endless, but a few examples are customers who have purchased in the past week, month, or three months, or customers located in Texas vs. California.

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