• February 14, 2024

LiveRamp Integrates with Amazon Ads

LiveRamp has enhanced its capabilities that help clients optimize addressability, connectivity and measurement across Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon DSP. Marketers, advertisers, and agencies can now leverage LiveRamp's integrations with these services to unlock insights and analytics.

Powered by LiveRamp's omnichannel identity framework, customers can leverage RampID, LiveRamp's privacy-centric identifier, as a key to join first- and third-party insights with Amazon Ads in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for measurement and to activate brand-specific RampID-based audiences directly on RampID within Amazon DSP.

In addition, LiveRamp's integrated solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow advertisers to build end-to-end measurement workflows, resolve identity signals from their AWS environment to RampID, and then upload those hashed signals using the AMC uploader.

LiveRamp's integration with Amazon Ads services allows marketers, agencies, and partners to do the following:

  • Enable measurement at scale by unifying prospect and customer touchpoints across advertising and marketing channels, such as connected TV, display, email, and website;
  • Increase scale and accuracy of campaign analytics by overcoming volume and accuracy limitations of conventional identifiers, such as hashed emails, in favor of a person-based identifier adopted widely across major publishers;
  • Optimize for security with a seamless audience onboarding with minimum movement by using LiveRamp's integrations with AWS and AMC, and leveraging solutions including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AMC Uploader from AWS, and AWS Entity Resolution; and
  • Securely activate first- and third-party audiences on Amazon DSP using RampID to bid and frequency cap. Every impression bought on RampID is also fully measurable, delivering improved reach and performance within and outside of Amazon properties without a reliance on cookies, mobile IDs, or IP addresses.

"LiveRamp's foundational identity is an essential key to engage in collaboration, increase tech efficiencies, improve advertising results, and enable robust marketing optimization in the cloud. As we build upon our expanding collaboration and successes with Amazon Ads and AWS, we will continue helping marketers connect with their customers, scale, and build enduring enterprise-wide value," said Kimberly Bloomston, senior vice president of product at LiveRamp, in a statement.

LiveRamp is an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, a member of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program with identity translation and identity resolution solutions available in AWS Marketplace, and recently launched support for AWS Clean Rooms.

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