• September 26, 2018

LiveRamp Extends AbiliTec for Offline Identity Resolution

LiveRamp is expanding the availability of its AbiliTec offline identity resolution platform to its IdentityLink portfolio, allowing companies that are building in-demand products that connect different data sets, like customer data platforms (CDP), master data management platforms and enterprise data warehouses, to offload identity resolution.

"When martech platforms demonstrate a cross-channel identity resolution strategy that can seamlessly adapt to the needs of their marketing customers, it unlocks value for both," said Anneka Gupta, co-president of LiveRamp, in a statement. "With the new capabilities AbiliTec adds to IdentityLink, technology platforms will have broader reach and accuracy when connecting their clients' disparate data and can more quickly adjust to changes that occur in a consumer's life,whether it's a marriage, move, or contact change."

AbiliTec can resolve disparate personally identifiable information (PII)—name, address, email, and phone number—to a single person, in a privacy-first manner, using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and a patented identity resolution process. AbiliTec applies a unique, persistent Privacy by Design (PbD) identifier to all customer records to create a people-based view of the customer with evidence-based IDs.

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