• December 13, 2022

LivePerson Adds AI Search, On-Demand Recommendations, Small Talk NLU, and Repeat Intent Rate Measurement

LivePerson, a provider of customer engagement solutions, has enhanced its Conversational AI with AI Search, On-Demand Recommendations, Small Talk NLU, and Repeat Intent Rate measurement.

Powered by nearly 1billion conversational interactions per month on the company's Conversational Cloud, LivePerson's Curiously Human AI helps customer care, sales, and marketing teams deliver and automate more meaningful, natural conversations.

AI Search provides answers to customer questions, only requiring knowledge base content to work. It uses deep learning to understand customers' intent, the context of their queries, and their phrasing. Then, it uses those factors to deliver the best answers, either directly to the customer through self-service bots or to agents as recommended answers that they can instantly drop into a customer conversation.

On-Demand Recommendations for agents enables them to help more customers faster by making it simple to search for bots and content and then instantly use them. Agents can  type in a question or phrase, then drop the bot, knowledge base answer, or predefined content that surfaces in the search results directly into customer conversations.

LivePerson's Small Talk feature allows bots to respond to conversational messages with natural, comfortable responses, including greetings, goodbyes, and confirmations. Companies can make automated experiences more natural, then customize responses as needed to fit their brand voices.

Repeat Intent Rate is a new metric from LivePerson that measures how and when customers follow up on previously stated intents. It gives the right context to gauge whether repeat interactions are positive or negative, then automate and optimize how they are handled.

"As we head into 2023, brands are looking to do more with less. AI and automation will only become more important as they seek to increase customer loyalty while reducing operational costs," said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, in a statement. "Our latest research shows that 98 percent of brands say AI is important to their customer engagement strategy, but only 28 percent say they're realizing its full potential. With the capabilities we're announcing today, they can start leveraging automation and AI faster than ever to provide even better digital experiences."

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