• September 10, 2021

LiveIntent Partners with OpenX

LiveIntent, providers of a marketing platform powered by the email address, has expanded its partnership with OpenX to begin delivering its Authenticated Bridge framework and nonID identifier into the OpenX bidstream, allowing marketers to transact on an identifier without dependence on third-party cookies.

LiveIntent's Authenticated Bridge solution and the nonID is an advertising addressability framework powered by email and engineered with consent and security in mind. LiveIntent and OpenX are helping marketers bridge all the insights nurtured and grown within email campaigns to the web and beyond for audience resolution and addressability powered by a bridge connecting advertiser and publisher first-party data.

Publishers need to enable the LiveIntent user ID sub-module in their OpenX Prebid Adapter to accept demand made possible by the Authenticated Bridge across their web properties.

For marketers who have built audiences based on nonIDs, these users can be targeted and reached via an OpenX Deal ID across more than 800 million hashed emails and nonIDs that have been matched to OpenX Supply. Even publishers who haven't yet implemented Authenticated Bridge can participate and accept this demand.

Additionally, the expanded LiveIntent and OpenX partnership will open opportunities for buyers to access LiveIntent's aggregated newsletter audiences. Centered around verticals or audience segments, these audiences are matched to the OpenAudience graph, allowing buyers to target consumers in these groups through a standard programmatic campaign run through OpenX.

"While the removal of cookies from Chrome has been delayed, we are still focused on investing in a cookieless future," said Brian Chisholm, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at OpenX, in a statement. "Our partners and clients are looking for OpenX to help them prepare for a cookieless ecosystem, and it's clear that email is going to be one of the key pieces of currency in digital advertising going forward. Integrating solutions like the nonID are a great way for us to help publishers and marketers start to leverage their first-party data, and it's clear that this meets a real need in market."

"The industry has watched repeatedly as proprietary solutions that claimed to be a common currency for publishers and advertisers were rolled out," said LiveIntent Founder and CEO Matt Keiser in a statement. "For publishers and brands, the days of accepting a closed solution are over. Prebid is open, and our nonID is a way to connect to the ecosystem on a customer's terms. This framework works with established vendors' proprietary IDs but is also open to any publisher or brand that has their own email data. LiveIntent and OpenX believe in the power of open-source technology and have built solutions designed for easy integration and adoption, all while adhering to data compliance."

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