• May 13, 2021

LiveIntent Launches Native Ad Blueprints

LiveIntent, a marketing platform provider, today launched LiveIntent Native Ad Blueprints, a scaled native email advertising solution for publishers.

LiveIntent's new technology allows publishers to streamline ad serving and campaign operations for native ads in email while maintaining the overall newsletter design. It offers a one-time tag placement to the publisher, who can then either fill the inventory with direct sold demand or from LiveIntent's or third-pary demand-side platforms (DSPs).

"LiveIntent believes the publishers who double down on email are the ones that will not only see returns today, they'll thrive in the future," said LiveIntent's chief marketing officer, Kerel Cooper, in a statement. "The email program makes money in the short term for publishers, and new and innovative formats like native advertising continue to show new returns for our clients.

"As our publishers race toward a future without third-party cookies, they'll have the email asset to forge their paths. Publishers have developed their own CRM-centric logged-in environment outside of the walled gardens, and brands and advertisers are desperate for this unique, targetable inventory. We're happy to have built a bridge for it," Cooper added.

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