• November 12, 2018

LiveChat Launches Academy to Help Users Master Chatbots

LiveChat today launched Academy as part of its BotEngine platform for building chatbots.

Academy guides users with complete lessons that show in a few minutes how to build chatbots for specific business needs Each lesson covers a different bot scenario and emphasizes a different part of the building process.

"We're aiming to create a venue where our users can learn more about chatbots' functionalities, both basic and advanced, such as stories, interactions, or rich messages," said Dariusz Zabrzenski, head of research and development at LiveChat, in a statement. "In the future, we're going to supplement Academy by including newchatbot scenarios, as well as those which are dedicated to concrete integrations."

While creating chatbots in the BotEngine app, users can integrate them with their Slack, Twitter, or LiveChat accounts.

Available lessons include the following:

  • Lead Generation bot, to boost both the quantity and quality of leads by auto-qualifying them 24/7 and sending the collected data to the back end for further auto-evaluation.
  • Welcome bot, to take all incoming chats, handle all simple cases, and leave the difficult ones to customer service teams.
  • After Hours bot, to gather data from customers while support agents are offline.
  • Competition Bot, to engage audiences in short competitions that give them a chance to get to know the company and give a company a chance to better understand its customers.
  • Appointment Bot, to handle all of the booking processes and send collected details to the back end.
  • Survey Bot, to collect user feedback and saves all collected data.

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