• May 22, 2014

Lithium Unveils Roadmap Following Klout Acquisition

Just one month after Lithium Technologies' acquisition of Klout, the company unveiled an ambitious roadmap to deliver the first Shared Value Network for brands and consumers, announced the first joint products that combine Lithium and Klout: Pop-Up Communities and Klout for Products, and launched massive new updates to the existing Lithium portfolio.

Lithium's vision for a Shared Value Network brings people and brands together on the Lithium software-as-a-service platform. Consumers get a way to share feedback, ideas, and concerns with brands and each other. Brands get a way to interact with consumers. The Lithium Platform harnesses big data, interactions with millions of consumers, and powerful algorithms to make consumers' and brands' experiences more personal, meaningful, and actionable.

Creating a Shared Value Network is at the heart of Lithium's new roadmap that integrates Klout across its portfolio. Klout scores will now be integrated into online profiles visible in Lithium communities and Lithium Social Web as an option by the end of this year.

Lithium also unveiled two completely new products as part of the company's new joint roadmap: Advocacy Pop-Up Communities and Klout for Products.

Advocacy Pop-Up Communities let marketers create deeper engagement around campaigns, product launches, promotions, or special events. Pop-Up Communities can be established as standalone communities or adjacent to permanent communities and incorporate Klout Perks to incent behaviors and reward loyalty, advocacy, and brand promotion. The Pop-Up Communities are designed to be relatively short-lived to drive greater immediacy and specific actions.

Klout for Products offers consumers a universal scoring system free from site-specific or community-specific scores and reviews.

Additionally, Lithium announced a series of action widgets that will help marketers and digital managers develop insights on customer behavior and take action via real-time offers to encourage purchase, advocacy, or syndication. These action widgets are designed to be integrated into companies' Web sites or e-commerce stores as distributed Lithium communities. The first action widgets include a Want button, a responsive wish list service, and product ratings.

Lithium has committed to deliver these new products in the third and fourth quarters of this year. 

Lithium customers will now reap the benefits of Lithium Community Mobile (v2), built on a modern UI and designed with mobile interactions at the core to support increased on-the-go consumer engagements. With these mobile enhancements, Lithium is bringing its desktop capabilities to mobile platforms. The initial release of Lithium Community Mobile (v2) is available now and offers increased engagement for end users, lowered costs, and expanded customization potential, support for image uploads, and mobile analytics within Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI).

Lithium's new Premium Gamification package provides additional tools designed to create even deeper engagement for consumers and offer brands more options to drive the behaviors they desire. Lithium Premium Gamification is natively integrated and works out of the box with existing data and community features.

Just in the past two weeks, Lithium joined the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program and announced partnerships with iTalent and Actiance.

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