• November 17, 2021

LinkedIn Updates Sales Navigator Homepage

LinkedIn Sales Solutions today introduced new Sales Navigator features that help sellers prioritize and refocus their work

As part of the changes, LinkedIn reimagined the Sales Navigator homepage to help users manage priority accounts and collaborate with team members to map out buying committees and identify relationship gaps within accounts. The redesigned homepage will help sellers uncover new leads and account insights, identify recent trends within key accounts, and pinpoint the right leads faster. The new Priority Accounts section keeps important accounts front and center with timely data, such as changes in employee count and buyer intent. To populate this section of the Sales Navigator homepage, users can star accounts from their saved account lists. Once added, they can track updates on headcount growth, employee count, open opportunities, and buyer unterest, and directly access the customer's Account Map. The refreshed Alerts Feed helps users filter to the most relevant, timely, and accurate updates, pinpointing alerts that need immediate action. And, a new Bookmarked Alerts tab lets users save alerts so they can revisit at any time.

The new Account Map Collaboration feature lets sellers share and collaborate on Account Maps with their team members on the same Sales Navigator contract, giving everyone one central view of the full group of stakeholders they need to engage. Members on the same Sales Navigator contract can invite teammates to join an Account Map, allowing the entire team to visualize the full buying committee, identify gaps, and start building relationships with the right people. All users receive notifications when a team member updates a shared Account Map so everyone is aware of new changes.

And finally, the latest additions to Sales Navigator include tighter integrations with CRM systems in more places to help sellers streamline their workflows.

"We're in the middle of the Great Reshuffle, and 80 percent of salespeople have delayed or lost a deal because of a job change within an account. Selling right now is a moving target. This means, maybe more than ever, that quality data is non-negotiable, real-time alerts are critical, and knowing your buyers and what's important to them is essential," LinkedIn said in a blog post earlier today.

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