• September 2, 2021

LinkedIn Releases Quarterly Sales Navigator Update

LinkedIn today introduced several new Sales Navigator features that help salespeople take a more tailored and personalized approach to their outreach and understand and connect with their buyers more effectively in the hybrid work world..

New features include the following:

  • Account Buyer Interest, a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to determine accounts' aggregate interest in products and/or services, based on factors such as employee interactions, InMail acceptances, ads engagement, and company page engagement. It helps sellers prospect for new accounts, prioritize their book of business, and qualify their target accounts. Included is a feed of top buyer interest alerts associated with particular accounts. The feature also provides further guidance on when to act depending on the account's score
  • Account Map enhancements to help users search and target specific buyers, narrowing down Recommended Leads by function. Users can now immediately see what the last outreach activity was, save leads to a list, or quickly add a note on the Lead directly from Account Map.
  • CRM-Powered Lead Recommendations, which will model ideal target buyers by analyzing previously closed-won opportunities along with LinkedIn data and automatically recommend leads. It also considers both the correct number of buyers and buyer roles that have led to success and reflects similar CRM contacts that were associated with previously closed-won opportunities.
  • Share Lists With Colleagues, which allows users to collaborate across any Sales Navigator contract at their company. This new feature provides an avenue to contact and advance these relationships while collaborating.

Users also have access to a new referral program and the Sales Navigator Community and a new usiversal activation link. Additional enhancements include updates to the activity writeback feature, Champions List, Search Spotlights, and admin workflow.

"Our new quarterly product update for Sales Navigator will support a variety of sales objectives, but helping salespersons obtain relevant and accurate insights into their buyers' interest will be at the center of this quarter's theme," Angel Gonzalez, associate product marketing manager for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, wrote in a blog post earlier today.

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