• May 13, 2021

LinkedIn Adds Features to Sales Navigator

LinkedIn today launched three Sales Navigator features that will support sellers in cultivating relationships further.

"New business is great. Every salesperson aspires to uncover, engage, and convert new accounts to expand the customer base and drive net-new revenue," Tina Ngo, a product marketing manager at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post. "But building new relationships from scratch is not the only way to drive growth, and it's certainly not the easiest. More and more, B2B sales teams are setting their focus on strengthening existing relationships and maximizing their value through retention, upselling, cross-selling, and referrals, not to mention acquiring those treasured new accounts when key contacts change companies."

Included in the new features are the following:

  • Champions List, which automatically creates a list of contacts who were previously involved in closed-won deals but have since moved to other target accounts;
  • Bookmarking Alerts, which allows users to isolate and track buyer signals and insights they value most and create customized feeds featuring the most important lead and account alerts; and
  • Left Account, which will alert users when someone saved to a lead list or account map leaves a company.

LinkedIn also launched two product updates. They include the following:

  • CRM Activity Writeback, which reduces the number of permissions needed for read-only users so that this level of access enables all CRM Sync features.
  • CRM Match Correction, which strengthens CRM integrations byallowing Sales Navigator users to edit or verify matches to their existing CRM entities.

LinkedIn also updated its Account Map to help Sales Navigator users keep lead profile cards within tiers, show all shared connections with leads on their profile cards, hit a "Confirm All" button to save current Account Maps and all the Leads on the maps, and access Account Maps directly from Account Lists. Other enhancements in this latest update include changes to the mobile interface, homepage, InMail/messaging, and search.

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