• May 3, 2016

Liferay Launches the Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Liferay today launched the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to help companies manage the end-to-end customer relationship.

"Businesses today are moving beyond a narrow focus on marketing to look at the whole experience of their customers," said Edwin Chung, vice president of product management at Liferay, in a statement. "Liferay DXP helps companies present the right personalized experience for the moment. Frustrated customers need help, not targeted offers, while a great service experience is an opportunity to upsell. By deeply integrating with the systems that support business units and processes, companies can act on customer sentiment and history to give customers the right resource or offer when they're ready for it."

With Liferay DXP, sales, marketing, support, and service teams can work together for the customer. The Liferay platform assembles a comprehensive view of customers from separate systems, uses that insight to improve customer interactions, and integrates those interactions to the company's operations. Liferay DXP also enables partners and employees to interact with customers to influence sentiment and support the relationship.

Liferay DXP provides the following:

  • Flexible architecture for transformation: Liferay enables users to implement digital strategy and adapt to new digital technologies with reusable microservices and integration with existing applications.
  • Experience management: Customer-facing business units that touch customers can design highly personalized experiences, from marketing campaigns to customer service processes, by targeting useful information, offers, and resources to user segments and individuals.
  • Single view of the customer: Liferay DXP creates a single customer profile aggregated from all of the customer's interactions with the company, along with important data points, such as customer sentiment, interests, and significant conversions.
  • Engagement data: Improve customer experiences with access to engagement data, such as video content views, click-throughs on targeted content, community activity, and social metadata.
  • Support for innovative interfaces: DXP is designed to be used with modern user interfaces and app frameworks.

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