• December 16, 2015

Lexalytics Releases Text Analytics for Airlines

Lexalytics, a provider of text analytics solutions, today released the Airlines Industry Pack, a version of its text analytics software specifically for customer experience management and social media marketing professionals in the airlines industry. Airlines can use this industry pack to analyze customer surveys and pinpoint issues in particular destinations where they operate, understand what customers are saying about their experiences on carriers, and identify potentially high-value evangelists or critics.

With the Airlines Industry Pack from Lexalytics, airlines can gain insights about what people are saying about their brands on social and traditional media, in customer service calls, surveys and more, identify what is working and what is not, and take action on those findings.

The Airlines Industry Pack includes more than 130 categories for customer feedback, such as booking, staff, check-in, seating, safety, customer service, and the in-flight experience, and 675 airline-specific entities, including the names of all the airlines, to understand competitive performance. The Airlines Industry Pack also delivers more than a 10 percent increase in sentiment analysis agreement with humans, approaching the same ability a human has to accurately assess the true meaning behind written text.

"The Lexalytics Airlines Industry Pack comes on the heels of the industry-specific versions of our analytics software we released for hospitality and restaurant brands, completing the travel trifecta," said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, in a statement. "Airlines can now gain actionable insights from their data quicker and more easily than ever before."

In addition, Lexalytics will be offering complex intention analysis for airlines based on consumer feedback, identifying whether someone intends to buy, sell, quit, or recommend a brand's product or service.

The Lexalytics Airlines Industry Pack is now available for Lexalytics' on-premise Salience and SaaS Semantria platforms.

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