• January 5, 2021

LeadsRx Launches Ecosystem Attribution

LeadsRx, a marketing analytics company, has released LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution, a platform that maps the customer journey and performs attribution analysis across the websites of network owners and partners promoting and selling products and services within an industry ecosystem.

LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution, with its distributed attribution pixel technology, allows network ownesr to electronically share first-party consumer behavior data in real time with its partners through an authenticated backbone.

"Online marketplaces, directories, and franchised operations all struggle to show the real value they provide to their partners," said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx, in a statement. "This is a billion-dollar problem for these collaborative marketers who otherwise can only communicate self-reported stats that may not be believed by their partners. By using the LeadsRx distributed attribution pixel, network owners can demonstrate their value in a transparent and trusted way, while also levelling the competitive landscape among network owners and other advertising channels.

"When ecosystem players use shared technology like LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution, network owners can electronically add to the chain of events on a consumer's path to purchase," Brown added. "This provides much-needed transparency and accountability to spark marketing performance and well-spent budgets."

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