• December 9, 2014

LeadID Enhances Visual Playback for TCPA Compliance

LeadiD has enhanced its Visual Playback solution to help companies monitor and audit leads in real time, while ensuring compliance with evolving consumer privacy regulations such as the Federal Communications Commission's Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA.

LeadiD's solution with Visual Playback brings confidence to those who directly dial consumers by precisely identifying lead-specific, non-compliant consumer data or behavior that can result in costly privacy violations.

This year, lawsuits for TCPA violations are up 30 percent, with damages that can add up to millions and potential liability extending back four years.

Key features and benefits of LeadiD's enhanced solution include the following:

  • Visual Playback: Confirmation that all necessary disclaimers were clearly displayed and that consumers provided necessary prior express consent to be contacted. The player enables users to progress through the timeline of events and capture specific time-stamped actions to prove compliance and disprove violation claims.
  • Real-time compliance: Within a single intuitive interface, marketing and sales teams can now audit, track, and verify TCPA compliance in real time at the lead level, enhancing integrity of first-party data collection and informing purchases of third-party leads.
  • Data security: Automatic encryption and safe discard of lead-specific personally identifiable information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, leverages a data-matching module to validate consumer-supplied information in a privacy-friendly manner.

"Marketers and advertisers need to be on high alert," said Rachel Hirsch, an attorney at Washington firm Ifrah Law and an authority on consumer protection and privacy litigation, in a statement "As regulations like the TCPA expand to address new digital communications channels, it's not a matter of if but when businesses face lawsuits in this area. Accordingly, it's crucial they maximize protection by arming themselves with solutions that are capable of preventing infractions and defending against violation claims."

"Recent privacy violations involving several well-known brands underscore the need for qualified consumer intelligence," said Ross Shanken CEO of LeadiD, in a statement. "It's a critical issue that can be avoided, one that marketers should proactively address. At the same time, it's imperative they are able to prove the compliance of consumer data and consumer actions. With LeadiD, marketers can easily gain visibility into the compliance of every lead, every time."

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