• July 18, 2022

Laivly Launches Attended AI Platform for Contact Centers

Laivly, a provider of artificial intelligence and automation for contact centers, today launched its attended AI platform.

Laivly sits on agents' desktops, adding automation to help each agent perform tasks, while the integrated AI serves up the workflows of the most successful agents to the whole team. The platform doesn't just recommend action, with its integrated automation, it can perform those tasks. Laivly's tailored orchestration layer ties the entire tech stack together.

"Laivly represents a significant leap forward for call centers worldwide," said Jeff Fettes, CEO and founder of Laivly, in a statement. "There hasn't been a meaningful change in call center technology or work in more than a decade, and customer service has suffered as a result. Laivly's platform changes all of this with a tool that improves customer care and call center jobs almost overnight, ultimately leading to happier customers, call center agents, and companies."

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