• January 19, 2021

Kustomer Updates Chat Platform

CRM platform provider Kustomer today launched its latest version of Kustomer Chat, a conversational messaging platform that leverages artificial intelligence and historical customer data for personalized engagement from websites and mobile devices.

"Customer service has become a lifeline for consumers struggling to adapt in the post-COVID era. They need personal, informed support throughout their buying journey, and they need it on their own schedule. Unfortunately, the crushing volume and complexity of requests has left businesses struggling to keep up and searching for smarter, digital solutions to address customer demands," Brad Birnbaum, founder and CEO of Kustomer, which was recently acquired by Facebook, said in a statement. "As one of the most popular and efficient support channels, chat is the answer, but it must be smarter, more personalized, and less frustrating than legacy chat experiences. That's why we are so excited to introduce our newest version of the Kustomer Chat platform with AI chatbots powered by rich customer data to help businesses deliver highly-responsive, smart, and personalized support at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels. By allowing customers to easily resolve problems on their own and engage with CX at their convenience, Kustomer Chat provides businesses the tools to deliver on customers' expectations and grow their business. Using AI-powered advanced triage and recommended agent actions, CX organizations can deliver faster answers to their customers' needs."

The new version of Kustomer Chat delivers the following:

  • Embedded AI-powered knowledge bBase for quick access to FAQs.;
  • Persistent conversation history that allows anywhere, anytime engagement without losing context;
  • CRM-powered chatbots to automate routine agent interactions and deliver personalized experiences;
  • In-app and push notifications to informcustomers when there is a response from an agent;
  • Multibrand customization;
  • Build your own chat widget using turnkey tools and developer configurations;
  • Targeted CSAT surveys for collecting in-the-moment feedback; and
  • Support for dark and landscape modes.

Kustomer will soon be adding Intelligent Agent Suggestions, using AI and entire ticket history to eliminate overhead manual triage, accelerate response times, and recommend or automate actions for agents.

"Chat is the most cost-effective and fastest way to support and win over our customers," said Becky Leader, vice president of customer experience at Rent The Runway, in a statement. "Kustomer's chat platform is a critical part of our omnichannel support strategy. Agents can efficiently deliver seamless web and in-app chat support, quickly switch to another channel if needed, and follow up on any missed messages."

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