• January 12, 2017

Kochava Launches Alerting for In-App Marketing Campaigns

Kochava, a provider of mobile attribution, measurement, and optimization for connected devices, has introduced dynamic alerting, providing marketers with custom alerts to monitor their most important metrics and key performance indicators.

"We continue to deploy the most innovative tools in the marketplace in response to our customers' needs for instant notifications and monitoring of their campaigns to stay ahead of the competition," said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava, in a statement. "Because in the real world, moments can mean millions to them."

Kochava Alerts can be configured based on conversion rates, unusually high click-to-install ratios or even abnormal mean time to install. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, users can set up alerts based on customized criteria and thresholds such as conversion rate, revenue or click volume. They can further modify alerts with SQL scripts in Query. Alert notifications can be sent through Slack, email, PagerDuty, voice call, or SMS to keep teams updated as their campaigns progress. A configurable severity scale (low, medium, high) ensures that alerts are treated with the appropriate level of attention.

"We design our tools to simplify the jobs of marketers. With Alerting, we wanted to facilitate and automate the way marketers monitor their campaigns," Manning said.

In addition to Alerting, Kochava has developed True LTV as an enhancement to its LTV analytics reporting. True LTV can show real-time revenue of in-app ads served by partner networks.

With Kochava, marketers already can assess app revenue from downloads, purchases, and subscriptions. True LTV adds highly detailed ad revenue associated with the campaign, creative, and device ID, among other metadata gleaned from post-install events. The associated metadata from ad views is another way for marketers to create cohorts to target high-value and/or low-performing users in future campaigns.

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