• June 17, 2015

Kissmetrics Introduces Engage Conversion Solution

Kissmetrics, a marketing analytics company, today launched Engage, a conversion optimization product. When used with Kissmetrics' flagship product, Analyze, Engage increases conversion rates by optimizing every Web site interaction based on behavioral triggers.

Engage increases conversion rates by delivering timely and relevant messages, based on behavior. With the combination of Analyze and Engage, marketers can quickly find problems and fix them across the spectrum, from email sign-ups to shopping cart experience to churn reduction.

Using Engage, marketers can add a number of innovative conversion elements in minutes, including the following:

  • Lightboxes: display a heading, body, and call-to-action to fill the center of the screen and dim the background. Visitors can close the lightbox or follow the call to action as a next step.
  • Dynamic content modals: drive conversions by displaying a heading, body, and call to action as a pop-up box in the middle of the page.
  • Announcements: capture visitors' attention with a bar at the top of the page.
  • Bumpers: recommend next steps or related content with a small pop-up on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Notifications: highlight information with a small pop-up in the upper right of the screen.
  • A/B testing: enables audience comparison on every engagement to be certain that the nudge is improving the connection with site visitors.

"The market told us they need an easier and better way to leverage the analytic insights we deliver. Engage is a highly strategic addition to Kissmetrics' portfolio because it goes beyond providing pure analytics to empowering marketers to take action," said Kissmetrics CEO Brian Kelly in a statement. "With Analyze, marketers have been able to easily identify conversion barriers and drop-offs. Now, with Engage, they can easily create interactions that are timely and relevant to steer Web traffic more effectively to the next logical step and ultimately to revenue. Our early-access customers are consistently seeing double-digit increase in conversions rates in a matter of days, which is fantastic success."

"Historically, most of our marketing budget and effort has been applied toward attracting new traffic, but until we started using Kissmetrics, we didn't have a clear understanding about what was happening once new visitors reached our Web site," said Julien Ott, co-founder and general manager of Appaloosa-Store, in a statement. "Kissmetrics' Analytics helped with essential data collection, and when we added Engage, we saw a 750 percent lift in conversions by running a notification to display a flash sale."

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