• February 12, 2015

Junxure Enhances Its Junxure Cloud CRM Solution

Junxure, a CRM solutions provider for financial advisors, today announced the latest release of Junxure Cloud.

Junxure Cloud's application programming interface (API) allows for deep data sharing that will enable push/pull data transmissions between Junxure Cloud and third-party and custodial applications. In addition to providing an accelerated timeline for implementing key integrations, advisors will be able to take simple everyday tasks, such as populating a birthday or updating a phone number, and capture them in one place. That data will then propagate across different connected platforms.

Other release highlights include Client Data Automation, a new tool that goes beyond tracking and reporting data to include the birthday interface, which enables advisors to generate and log correspondence and create actions from one centralized location. Also included are several user experience enhancements, such as more options to search, access, and link data and documents to Actions, more filters for grouping Actions, and better Action navigation.

"With this release of Junxure Cloud we have completed the first step toward delivering a ground-breaking way of rethinking how technology speaks to each other," said Greg Friedman, president of Junxure, in a statement. "Our mission with Junxure Cloud is to aggressively pursue not only the development of meaningful integrations for advisors, but also to achieve the next level of technology that enables us to create deeper integrations with popular programs. Our new API is the key to helping advisors realize that vision of a truly centralized technology experience with Junxure Cloud at the center."

According to Friedman, Junxure plans to add client data forecasting and automation, a dashboard for business intelligence, custom reporting tools, and integrations with custodians, document management solutions, and more, to Junxure Cloud.

"Our goal is to be innovative and agile with our roadmap, delivering out-of-the-box solutions for advisors that reflects our deep knowledge and experience in the industry. We are tremendously excited to share what the future holds for advisors," Friedman said.

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