• June 7, 2017

Jumpshot Launches Clickstream Data Tools for Marketers

Jumpshot, a marketing analytics company, has launched a suite of products that provides marketers with powerful data on online search, browsing, and purchase behaviors.

Jumpshot's anonymized data is based on clickstream analysis of its 100-million global consumer panel, 42 percent of whom are using mobile devices, and with data dating as far back as 2014.

The new products in the offering include the following:

  • Search Feed, providing a view into more than 200-million daily searches and clicks on leading search engines to identify the organic and paid keywords driving consumers to any website, analyze keyword share-of-voice across the web, investigate search queries that don't result in a click, break down search volumes by end user device or socio-demographic filters, and much more.
  • Transaction Feed, delving deep into large e-commerce sites like Amazon to provide a composite of online purchase behavior within thousands of product categories. This data includes socio-demographics, device type, product, brand, and star ratings.
  • Upstream Analytics Feed, offering insights into the domains and pages users visited prior to reaching a website up to 21 days earlier.

"There are billions of user actions happening constantly on desktop and mobile that serve as strong intent signals to marketers," said Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot, in a statement. "The shift to digital means that today's marketer is required to uncover and understand trends from these actions. The products we're unveiling today arm marketers with the deepest and richest analytics available, so they can create their best possible marketing strategy."

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