• July 14, 2021

Jivox Unveils Dynamic Canvas Studio Upgrade

Jivox, a digital marketing technology provider, today launched its enhanced Dynamic Canvas Studio>(DCS) with expanded video master personalization capabilities for creation of thousands of personalized video ad variations at scale.

"Dynamic video has become a very powerful tool for brands to personalize consumer experience,'' said Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Jivox, in a statement. "Traditionally, video has been challenging and expensive to personalize. Jivox was one of the first platforms to enable dynamic video personalization at scale. Now, with DCS Video, we have simplified the user interface and made it completely interactive, allowing creative teams to quickly and easily produce and preview thousands of videos without requiring any special technical skills. With TV budgets rapidly moving to CTV, where Jivox makes precise messaging much easier, Jivox DCS Video enables brands to bring personalized video to CTV audiences."

With the latest version of Jivox's Dynamic Canvas Studio, companies can do the following:

  • Work with existing creative tools, such as Adobe After Effects, and ingest video files in many formats and sizes.
  • Swap dynamic video elements and visually experience the resulting variations within seconds. The video versioning can then be scaled using product feeds or assets from a digital asset management (DAM) system.
  • Support diverse formats through a single workflow.

To personalize ads for CTV, Jivox enables companies to optimize messaging based on household and contextual data, including interests, location, time, seasons, holidays, weather, and language. Jivox can sift through hundreds of messaging and creative options and countless configurations. The Jivox platform creates thousands of personalized, high-resolution CTV video ads.

DCS video uses Jivox's video render farm in the cloud to generate many video variations in parallel. Using Jivox's DCS Video, companies can scale one video master to 5,000 personalized variations in 90 minutes or less.

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