• March 3, 2022

Jivox Launches Personalized Commerce Marketing Upgrade

Jivox, a provider of digital marketing technology, today launched an updated Personalized Commerce Marketing offering.

Designed specifically for digital commerce marketers in verticals, such as retail, banking, and insurance, selling directly to consumers, this Jivox offering enables them to recommend relevant products personalized to individual consumers in real time with five key capabilities:

  • Jivox dynamic product ads (with built-in carousel support;
  • Shoppable ads built on headless commerce architecture;
  • Feed-based decisioning;
  • Bestseller recommendation; and
  • Cross-channel analytics and sales attribution.

Consented first-party data and identity, working across the Jivox personalization platform, are the key pillars of the Jivox personalized commerce marketing offering.

"Retail and DTC brands have been focusing on digital commerce long before the pandemic hit, but not with urgency," said Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Jivox, in a statement. "COVID simply accelerated the process because choices became limited and stores were more difficult to access. Consumers now prefer to engage with brands through their websites and mobile apps, specifically on their phones. This behavior quickly made brands, especially digital commerce marketers, realize they need to engage with their customers more directly and make it easier for them to purchase the products they are looking for."

"The good news for digital commerce marketers is that what used to be extraordinarily challenging and difficult many years ago has become much more scalable, streamlined, and possible to do right now," said Heather Marie Udo, founder and; CEO of Shoppable, in a statement. "Shoppable's industry-leading embeddable commerce architecture, coupled with Jivox's personalized commerce marketing, simplifies the buying process because it allows consumers to purchase the product right within the ad creative experience. This joint offering is the industry’s first one-click commerce solution that drives, transacts, measures, and attributes sales."

Key capabilities include the following:

  • Dynamic Canvas Studio for Jivox Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), automating the generation of carousel ad formats; setting up cross-sell or up-sell strategies, showing up to 20 items in one ad; and automatically recommending the most relevant products via Jivox IQ's Bestseller Recommendations.
  • Shoppable Ads - 1-Click Commerce: Simplifies the user purchasing experience; empowers companies to track purchase activity in real time, measure and attribute sales. The integration with Shoppable's;headless commerce platform allows consumers to click on the ad, be taken to a Shoppable landing page within the ad, and purchase the product. An order is also placed with the e-tailer of choice via a headless commerce API.
  • Bestseller Recommendation: increases relevance by automatically recommending the most relevant products. By adding bestseller suggestions and more sophisticated algorithms, companies can leverage as much consumer data as possible to increase product recommendation precision.
  • Feed-Based Decisioning: Allows companies to set up campaign strategies with data triggers, rules, and segments. A rule in the DecisionGraph can reference and look up any column value in a feed. This enables changes to dynamic elements by simply altering the feed. Users can also implement sophisticated decisioning logic by combining filtering and feed content; reduce time spent to modify campaigns or perform QA checks due to quicker and more accessible campaign setup workflows; and enable always-on campaigns to be updated with offers and changes entirely by making changes to a feed with no need to edit the campaign.
  • Analytics and Attribution: collects consented real-time consumer engagement events from advertisements. Jivox IQ Blaze provides detailed insights into consumer behavior for optimizing consumer journeys; attributing sales to different strategies, creative and content; and creating new audience segments showing higher propensity to engage.

"Data and automation will relieve brand marketers a lot of the heavy lifting and improve the precision and scale at which personalized commerce marketing can be done," Nesamoney said. "The more data a brand uses, the more precise are the product recommendations and offers, and the more likely the consumer is to purchase. Do this across as many channels as possible because consumers today may browse a product on one channel, get a recommendation from a friend on social media, search for the product and compare offers from different retailers, and then eventually purchase on an app. With third-party cookies going away, connecting a consumer's identity without these cookies is critical. This solution will help brands scale their personalization efforts and improve the overall performance of digital commerce campaigns."

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