• April 14, 2020

Jivox Extends Dynamic Creative Optimization to the Connected TV Market

Jivox, a personalized digital marketing technology provider, today launched a personalized dynamic creative optimization (DCO) solution for connected TV (CTV).

Jivox's DCO for CTV helps companies optimize messages and creative according to demographics, interests, location, time, seasons, holidays, weather, language and more, generating relevant, data-driven video ads in real time. Sifting through hundreds of messaging and creative options and countless configurations, the Jivox platform creates thousands of personalized, high-resolution CTV video ads for delivery at the right time, in the right context, to boost conversions through a single tag.

In addition, Jivox is partnering with Tremor Video, a provider of video, curated audiences, and advanced creative, to help companies streamline creative production processes and costs while leveraging contextual data and first-party audience insights into their interests and behaviors in real time.

"Connected TV is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital media consumption. Now, TV audiences are addressable, which presents brands with tremendous opportunity to personalize their advertising to individual households and viewers," said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO and founder of Jivox, in a statement. "We are delighted to bring this new capability and insights to our customers, allowing them to extend omnichannel campaigns to an increasingly vital medium and empower them to communicate with new audiences with unprecedented personalization."

Additional capabilities of Jivox's DCO for CTV include the following:

  • High-resolution real-time video rendering for CTV. An integration with Adobe After Effects enables video editing while automatically generating high-resolution video variations for use in personalized CTV video ad campaigns.
  • Real-time decisioning using data to select the relevant version of the video for delivery to specific audiences.
  • A single tag for CTV that works across all publishers for different ad sizes, bit rates, and creative capabilities.
  • Reach and Scale using pre-generated video that can be delivered on any CTV platform.

"Dynamically updating the creative based on robust audience data allows us to turn one broadly-branded asset into thousands of engaging ads that speak more directly to consumers," said Les Seifer, vice president and head of creative at Tremor Video, in a statement. "There are golden opportunities to not just reach consumers on every device but to tell them relevant stories once you have their attention."

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