• March 23, 2020

Jebbit Launches Agency Platform for Branded Interactive Experiences 

Jebbit, a declared data company, today released a new version of its Agency Platform designed specifically to help marketers create consumer branded experiences across channels.

Jebbit provides a no-code, scalable way to help agencies create everything from simple lead forms and landing pages to surveys and immersive, interactive experiences, such as product matches, personality quizzes, trivia, knowledge tests, and more.

The Jebbit Platform for Agencies includes the following:

  • Experience Builder for creating form fields, landing pages, and interactive experiences, such as product matches, personality quizzes, live polls, trivia, knowledge tests, lookbooks, and more;
  • Creative Control, with experiences that can be fully customized with brand logos, fonts, colors, and imagery;
  • Personalized Journeys, to create different paths and outcomes based on how consumers answer questions, including personalized re-directs or retargeting; and
  • Data Portability, capturing first-party declared data that can be sent to any marketing platform for increased personalization and identity connectivity.

"The battle for attention begins with an agency's ability to provide a value exchange between brands and consumers," said Jonathan Lacoste, co-founder and president of Jebbit, in a statement. "Now agencies have the perfect self-service solution to create interactive content that consumers love to engage with while meeting client demands for fast and highly effective branded experiences."

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