• October 12, 2017

Invoca Integrates with Google AdWords

Invoca, a call intelligence company, has integrated with Google's Offline Conversions API, which seamlessly pulls in Signal AI data to give marketers insights into the types of calls and callers that keywords are driving.

Invoca's Signal AI analyzes the entire context of the conversation for language patterns and identifies customer intent, behavior, and the outcome of call and feeds that data right into AdWords in real time.

Using these insights, marketers can customize, segment, and classify callers, calls, and call outcomes; analyze the ads and keywords that are driving calls; and use this to optimize their paid search and display investments, improve offline conversions, increase ad spend efficiency, and drive revenue. Marketers can also use this information to tailor paid search copy to the reach the right audiences with the right message.

Users can also do the following:

  • Match to the keyword and match type for calls from the landing page and mobile call extensions;
  • Send calls and/or Signals directly to AdWords;
  • See which AdWords Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords and match types are driving each type of call or Signal in AdWords reports;
  • Include revenue from calls in return on ad send metrics in AdWords reports; and
  • Leverage Signals in AdWords to optimize keyword spend using automated bidding rules.

"Being able to provide a 100 percent keyword match and deliver conversion reporting in real time, right inside AdWords, has the potential to save marketers millions in search budget that otherwise would have been wasted on underperforming campaigns," said Nathan Ziv, vice president of product at Invoca, in a statement. "And given the ease of implementation and ability to manage multiple AdWords accounts, it's really a no-brainer for our customers, brands and agencies alike."

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