• April 16, 2014

Intelliverse Adds Gamification to IntelliConnection Sales Acceleration Software

Intelliverse, a provider of sales acceleration software, has added a gamification element as part of its IntelliConnection Sales Automation Application.

The IntelliConnection software provides the entire sales team with real-time metrics and statistics as well as the rankings of both individuals and teams. This feature invites a degree of friendly competition to the workplace to ultimately increase productivity.

Intelliverse's IntelliConnection software addresses two key areas that are used to implement successful gamification strategies: improving the accuracy of sales metrics and providing those metrics in real time.

IntelliConnection automatically logs all sales activities from the company's CRM. The software then aggregates the data, making it available as real-time stats in the Sales Leaderboards. The software provides real-time updates throughout dialing sessions, maintaining updated data and stats throughout the day. Sales leaders can also customize the leaderboard feature or use it out of the box. Customization allows sales leaders to include the types of activities and specific company goals into the IntelliConnection dashboards.

"Many good attempts at gamification fail because information is not shared until the end of the contest," said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse, in a statement. "Too often, there is a high level of excitement surrounding a contest at the beginning, and then it is never mentioned again. When the winners are announced at the end the results come as a surprise to the team. The goal with any gamification initiative is increased productivity, and a lack of visibility among the team has the potential to negate the effects.

"We find that the immediacy of the data maximizes the impact of the tool on increasing productivity," Gordon continued. "When individuals can visualize the results as they are making calls and setting appointments throughout the day, they tend to stay engaged and continue pushing to get to the top of the board."

Intelliverse previously added click-to-call outbound dialing and dynamic list functionality to its IntelliConnection Sales Automation system.

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