• September 15, 2023

IntelePeer Launches Call Summary Dashboard

IntelePeer, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered communications automation solutions, has extended its SmartFlows platform with the Call Summary Dashboard, a drag-and-drop interface with AI and automation that enhance omnichannel communication workflows and allows businesses to track their ROI and identify cost-savings opportunities in real time.

"The IntelePeer team of customer experience (CX) experts are committed to meeting the demands of our enterprise customers looking to deliver best-in-class, automated customer interactions," said Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer, in a statement. "IntelePeer's latest analytics engine and dashboard is a perfect example of how AI improves CX, providing consistent and accurate responses to customer inquiries while eliminating the need for any customer call to be on hold. When implemented, the dashboard shows the number of customer interactions fully contained and automated in real time, leading to substantial reduction in hold times, while delivering significant ROI, saving businesses thousands with an increase in fully automated and contained calls."

The Call Summary Dashboard provides the data regarding contained calls automated with IntelePeer's Smart family of products. Through analytics, customers can evaluate contained calls completed by IntelePeer and determine how much they saved using IntelePeer's AI-powered virtual SmartAgents rather than a live agent. The dashboard can also create what if scenarios leveraging more automation and self-serve capabilities from IntelePeer based on actual live traffic .

"With rich analytics at their fingertips, businesses can increase operational efficiencies, enhance CX, and make more data-driven decisions," Fawzi said further. "Already, companies harnessing the power of generative AI are outpacing the competition. And as AI evolves, IntelePeer will always be there for our customers, helping them maximize the technology to fulfill the ever-evolving needs of consumers."

IntelePeer's SmartFlows leverages AI platforms, such as Microsoft Azure's OpenAI for generative AI, IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Lex, and Google DialogFlow for conversational AI. SmartFlows also allows businesses to create intelligent AI voice and messaging bots based on their CRM data interactions and other data sources.

Additional SmartFlows features include the following:

  • Simultaneous call and messaging capabilities;
  • Natural language processing and generation;
  • Automated and intelligent routing;
  • Integration to CRM and other business applications;
  • Audio library; and
  • Pre-built templates.

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