• November 29, 2017

Insite Software Releases InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce

Insite Software, providers of a a B2B commerce platform, today released InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce, combining data from sales, customers, users, and site analytics to build a dynamic, unified view of e-commerce performance.

InsiteAnalytics integrates data from the InsiteCommerce platform with additional data sources from core business systems and third parties, such as Google Analytics, into a cohesive set of dashboards.

"Distributors and manufacturers have needed a way to measure and monitor the key performance indicators unique to a B2B environment for a long time. InsiteAnalytics was designed to dynamically assess metrics, such as customer self-service, overall adoption, new customer acquisition, and other unique components of ecommerce success," said Steve Shaffer, CEO of Insite Software, in a statement. "You really need to see all the data, not just what's going on within the platform, to make the right decisions. InsiteAnalytics can manage data not only from within the InsiteCommerce system but also from key systems in the organization plus external analytics tools. That's a pretty powerful, 360-degree look at what's working, and more importantly, what needs improvement."

InsiteAnalytics users can leverage prescriptive dashboards to access high-level trends and information as well as search for granular insights to drill down into trends concerning specific customer or product groups and individual customers or products.

The InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce dashboards are designed around the following elements:

  • Sales Analytics, providing information regarding customer orders placed online or through other channels. Users can track adoption of online sales and identify the behaviors of active customers. Sales trends can be measured using multiple methods.
  • Marketing and Campaign Analytics, delivering insights regarding customers and orders that have leveraged specific discounts and promotions, as well as statistics from referral sources.
  • Site Analytics, incorporating data points from Google Analytics and Tag Manager to provide a complete view of customer behavior. This includes reporting on key metrics from within the e-commerce platform and externally.

"We know that to make the best decisions for their business, manufacturers and distributors need the complete picture in terms of data. Successful B2B commerce requires a view that incorporates data from activity that's occurring not only within the platform, but within traditional buying transactions as well as from other commonly used data sources," said Karie Daudt, vice president of marketing and customer experience at Insite Software, in a statement. "Now Insite customers can experience a powerful tool that truly monitors and measures their commerce success from the perspective of the entire commerce buying cycle."

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