• September 25, 2018

InsideSales.com Adds Collective Intelligence to Its AI Sales Platform

InsideSales.com, providers of an artificial intelligence platform for sales and business growth, unveiled a version of its product featuring Collective Intelligence (CI) insights into 200 million global buyer profiles and billions of sales interactions.

The new platform delivers predictive and prescriptive insights that optimize the sales process. It also features the NeuralMap, an Amazon-like feature that discovers net new contacts with intelligence from other vendors that sold complementary products into the same target companies.

InsideSales.com's AI Sales Platform powered by Collective Intelligence helps sales professionals do the following:

  • Discover and sell to the right people at the right time with recommended target accounts that are three times more likely to convert into opportunities;
  • Prioritize prospects and activities based on total opportunity value predictions;
  • Engage more decision-makers, leveraging insights into the experiences of other successful sellers to understand the best method and time to engage;
  • Manage pipeline and prioritize sales resources with 90 percent accuracy in predicting which are likely to close; and
  • Forecas using predictive insights to understand when deals will close.

"We believe sales is only effective and efficient when it is informed by the behavior of like-minded buyers. Just like Amazon provides people-who-viewed-this-also-viewed-that insights, we help sales professionals find the most likely buyers for their products," Suaad Sait, president of growth and products at InsideSales, said in a statement. "By leveraging our exclusive Collective Intelligence into more than 120 billion global buyer interactions, we are the only company providing accurate and actionable insights to prioritize and close more deals."

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