• July 18, 2018

InsideSales Launches Predictive Pipeline

InsideSales.com, providers of an artificial intelligence (AI) growth platform for sales, has launched Predictive Pipeline, an AI-powered technology for predictive sales forecasting.

"Sales leaders and their organizations are increasingly having trouble forecasting revenue consistently and accurately. Only 46.9 percent of forecasted deals actually close, and those that do rarely close the way that was predicted. This takes its toll on sales rep productivity, as they will spend inordinate amounts of time working on deals that won't ever close," said InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington in a statement. "Using artificial intelligence, we can dramatically enhance human judgment when committing to sales quotas and revenue numbers. The accuracy of these predictions is much higher with AI intervention, which means sales managers are confident in sales reps' commits, and stakeholders know what to expect at the end of the quarter."

The InsideSales.com Predictive Pipeline highloights the following information:

  • Which deals are most likely to close and which need attention;
  • Changes in the sales pipeline that could affect revenue forecasts;
  • Individual productivity for sales reps compared to top performers; and
  • How to coach sales reps to replicate top performers' results.

"The age of growth at all cost is over. Stakeholders are increasingly focusing on predictable, sustainable growth, and InsideSales.com has the AI products to bring this vision to reality," said Suaad Sait, president of growth at InsideSales.com, in a statement. "Predictive Pipeline offers a birds-eye view of the sales pipeline, highlighting where gaps exist that would threaten the viability of the forecast and which sales reps need additional coaching to improve. It's a one-stop-shop to pipeline management and business intelligence. All this insight can significantly reduce uncertainty and make pipeline review calls a less stressful time for sales managers, as they are able to hit their numbers more consistently."

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