• January 14, 2019

Ingenico Launches IBM Watson-Enabled Chatbot

Ingenico Group, a payment processing provider, launched a payment-enabled chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) from IBM Watson.

Watson capabilities allow Ingenico's chatbot to better understand users' requests. It can interpret nuances in language and phrasing, handling natural variations in the way individuals communicate, in a wide range of languages. The new AI component reduces the number of steps consumers have to take to complete purchases.

The chatbot, created with JoinedApp, incorporates Ingenico's secure payment API and enables customers to purchase products and services within messaging app chat functions.

"This new AI-powered capability enhances user experience and improves conversion significantly. Thanks to IBM Watson AI services, users simply tell the bot their desired purchase and submit payment and delivery information, achieving a truly seamless payment experience for consumers," Gabriel de Montessus, senior vice president of global online at Ingenico Group, said in a statement.

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