• May 22, 2024

Informatica Unveils New Integrations, GenAI Solutions at Informatica World

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management provider, at its Informatica World event in Las Vegas unveiled several integrations, including tie-ins with Snowflake, Microsoft, and Claire GPT.

Among the Snowflake innovations is a Snowflake Data Cloud: Native SQL ELT to deliver better performance for data pipeline workloads and provide access to more than 250 native Snowflake functions and a Blueprint for enterprise-grade generative AI application development for Snowflake Cortex AI based on a foundation of rich metadata, trusted data, and no-code orchestration.

Native SQL ELT for Snowflake allows users to develop data pipelines guaranteed to run on Snowflake directly from Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform.

Additionally, Informatica's Blueprint for Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Applications with Snowflake Cortex AI provides templates to develop generative AI applications that are contextualized with enterprise metadata, grounded with trusted data, and scaled through no-code development and orchestration. The blueprint combines Snowflake's Cortex AI generative AI service with key IDMC services, including Cloud Data Integration, Cloud Data Quality, Cloud Data Cataloging and Governance, Cloud Data Access Management, Master Data Management and Cloud Application Integration orchestration.

"For more than nine years, our partnership with Snowflake has allowed us to reduce the digital barriers that make our leading data management solutions more accessible to hundreds of joint enterprise customers," said Rik Tamm-Daniels, group vice president of strategic ecosystems and alliances at Informatica, in a statement. "From ingestion, integration, and governance to now providing greater context and accuracy for the latest generative AI use cases, our partnership and collective mindshare continue to reset the bar of what's possible. Trusted data isn't just a valuable organizational asset; it's an invaluable advantage."

"Informatica continues to demonstrate why they're a valued innovation and technology partner across the Snowflake ecosystem," said Baris Gultekin, head of AI at Snowflake, in a statement. "These latest milestones deliver simplified experiences and improved performance for our joint customers. In particular, trusted data for Cortex AI will give users greater confidence and peace of mind that their generative AI use cases are firmly grounded in highly accurate, highly relevant data from their organizations."

Through its integrations with Microsoft, Azure and Microsoft Fabric users can discover, manage and deploy AI-powered data management services within Informatica IDMC platform to create trusted data for generative AI.

"Our long-standing partnership with Informatica is underscored by two enduring values: customer success and the impactful business outcomes we jointly accelerate for them," said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of the Cloud + AI Group at Microsoft, in a statement. "The combination of Microsoft's data analytics capability of Microsoft Fabric and Informatica's AI-powered IDMC platform will unlock tremendous new potential for our customers' analytics and AI workloads."

IDMC as an Azure Native ISV Service provides Azure customers a native experience to discover and deploy IDMC within the Azure Management Console to create trusted data for analytics and generative AI workloads. This native integration allows users to run serverless IDMC data pipelines.

Informatica Data Quality as a Microsoft Fabric Native Application will allow Fabric customers to leverage AI-powered data profiling and data quality services to discover, cleanse, enrich, and remediate data quality issues in OneLake without leaving the Microsoft Fabric experience. As users search for data management solutions, they will be able to use Informatica to build trusted data within OneLake to improve analytics and AI-driven use cases.

Cloud Data Access Management (CDAM) for Azure empowers users to share, use, and provide secure data access to authorized users while supporting policy compliance and customer trust. Informatica's CDAM solution, integrated directly within IDMC, provides universal, automated governance guardrails that enforce and protect sensitive, private, and confidential data with controls that can target specific rows, columns and/or cells in structured data tables.

"Our long-standing collaboration with Microsoft has already shaped a unified, integrated and seamless experience for thousands of joint customers," said Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica, in a statement. "As more enterprises chart their path to impactful generative AI, high-quality, secure, and governed data must be their compass. As a data management partner for the Azure platform and design partner for Microsoft Fabric, we continue to lay an innovative and secure data foundation for customers that point them to true north on their AI journeys."

Informatica also used the event to unveil two product innovations designed to democratize generative AI  across the enterprise with secure instantaneous access to data insights.

"We anticipated the market direction more than four years before this current AI hype cycle with our CLAIRE solution, the backbone of our AI platform and products," Walia said. "With the infusion of GenAI into the very fabric of our cloud-only offerings, we've elevated the industry standard and leveraged the simplicity and intuitiveness of the technology to deliver actionable insights within seconds to our customers."

By embedding genAI across every layer of the Informatica IDMC with the next generation of CLAIRE GPT, Informatica uses an organization's metadata system of record to incorporate information about the enterprise data assets to allow users to talk to their data. Key benefits include the followiong:

  • Democratized data access, to help help users find, access, and interact with their data through an intuitive natural language interface.
  • Self-service exploration of data estates.
  • Data security and privacy through Informatica-hosted LLMs
  • Enhanced CLAIRE GPT capabilities, such as multistep reasoning.
  • CLAIRE copilot infused across IDMC, using natural language capabilities to surface recommendations for data integration, application integration, data quality, and data governance.

Additionally, powered by Informatica IDMC's built-in data management capabilities, such as application and data integration, users can create no-code, enterprise-ready genAI applications or augment genAI features into existing tools. Key benefits include the following:

  • Democratized genAI updated to enable building no-code GenAI apps that support patterns like prompt engineering, RAG, and ReAct AI agents.
  • Supports for a wide range of popular LLMs and VectorDBs.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability.
  • SDLC and governance features.
  • Grounded genAI applications to contextualize tools with trusted data and built-in security and governance.
  • New capabilities for chunking, embedding, and ingestion into Vector DBs so LLMs can be contextualized/grounded on enterprise data.
  • LLM agnosticity, supporting any model with out-of-the-box LLM connectors.
  • Customizable templates, pre-built recipes, and drag-and-drop interfaces to kickstart prototyping, testing and deployment of applications.
  • Support for sources like documents, images, and video, with full integration across IDMC (CDAM policies, DQ rules, catalog, integration pipelines, etc.).

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