• September 8, 2020

Infobip Launches Moments for Customer Communications

Cloud communications platform provider Infobip has launched Moments, an omnichannel customer engagement hub.

Moments uses Infobip's mobile-first telecommunications to help marketers to build relationships over digital communications channels. These include chat apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, etc), SMS, email, voice, mobile apps, websites, and emerging channels such as RCS.

Moments also provides a 360-view of the customer and unifies popular communications applications onto one platform.

"For those brands looking to provide a service that fosters trust and loyalty, simply knowing your customer isn't enough. You need to understand and empathize with them and know how they like to experience different channels. Some channels, like WhatsApp for example, are today widely used for everything from communicating with a health professional to a grocery delivery provider, so it's important to make sure you include something like this into the mix and meet customers where they already are," Adrian Benic, vice president of products at Infobip, said in a statement. "Similarly, an SMS tends to be read instantly whereas an email might sit in someone's inbox for a while without needing an instant response. It's about understanding the ecosystem and planning customer engagement around that.

"Based on these behaviors, our Moments solution enables marketers to offer a truly bespoke experience by delivering messages on the widest range of programmable channels offered by any platform for today's modern consumer, at a time that's appropriate with relevant information. It's part of the evolution, spurred by the new normal, to a customer-centric form of marketing," he continued.

Key features of Moments include the following:

  • Cross-channel campaign management, helping marketers create, orchestrate, and run campaigns across Infobip's portfolio of channels through a single interface;
  • Unified customer data from multiple sources;
  • Audience segmentation based on events, tags, behavior, or special occasions; 
  • Dynamic marketing automation to onboard, activate, and reengage via multistep campaign automation and create event and behavior-based triggers to respond instantly to customers actions; and
  • Event and segment analytics to track conversions, access insight-driven funnel reports, and test which messages and channels get maximum engagement results with A/B testing.

"The launch signifies our goal to bring a human touch to communications in today's connected era where most people are consuming through an app or a mobile phone. This starts by creating the moments, engaging in them, and then turning that into a relationship through conversations. We're here to help marketers embrace the digital transformation required not just for now, but in the future," Benic said.

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