• July 22, 2022

InfoSum Launches Platform Sigma for First-Party Data Collaboration

InfoSum, a data collaboration platform provider, has launched Platform Sigma, the latest update to its first-party data collaboration and privacy protection solutions, to help companies build and manage their own data clean rooms.

Platform Sigma enables full-scale transformation, application, and analysis of first-party data without sharing or movement. Its featherweight software layer can sit on top of existing technology stacks to power private and secure collaboration between multiple first-party datasets for deep consumer insights, cross-channel activation, and measurement, with end-to-end protection and security.

"InfoSum has been the driving force behind the rapid adoption of data clean rooms and privacy-enhancing technology. Platform Sigma takes InfoSum's lead in the industry even further," said Brian Lesser, InfoSum's chairman and CEO, in a statement."Platform Sigma represents the next stage in data collaboration, eliminating all barriers to entry for enterprise organizations to extract the full value from their first-party data safely and securely with no risk and no limits."

Included in the Platform Sigma release are the following:

  • Cloud Vault,a file streaming solution that lives within clients' cloud infrastructures to fully operationalize first-party data without movement;
  • Transformation, which enables organizations to manage, prepare, process, query, and activate first-party data and transform complex, multidimensional datasets and log-level files;
  • App Exchange, for deeper connections with data and analytics partners through an integrated development framework that enables third parties to build web applications directly on InfoSum's secure infrastructure;
  • Query Engine, to build and execute advanced analytical models, data visualizations, and more with direct access to a library of queries to optimize planning, segmentation, and measurement strategies;
  • Open API, to accelerate the adoption and use of privacy-enhancing technology across the enterprise tech stack with full API access to the InfoSum platform.

InfoSum is also working to launch Safe Audience Transfer, an open-source project that leverages its privacy-enhancing technology to create interoperability between all data silos and systems, including clean room-to-clean room operations. Safe Audience Transfer currently powers InfoSum Bunker-to-Bunker interoperability, ensuring complete non-movement of data when executing multiparty computation and collaboration within data clean rooms.

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