• August 3, 2015

Indosoft Releases Q-Suite 5.9

Indosoft has updated its agent interface and script builder in Q-Suite 5.9. Q-Suite is a call distributor system for Asterisk-based call centers. The new features helps ensure that the agent script display logic shows the script components to the agent only when wanted, and allows for validation of data as the agent enters it.

Indosoft has enhanced the power of script conditions in Q-Suite 5.9 by adding "value is in" and "value is not in" conditions, which allow the specification of lists of values to check against.

Another change to the agent screen is the ability to remove the built-in call disposition component and place all the potential call dispositions in the agent script.

Q-Suite 5.9 also introduces field validation. This allows call center managers to specify valid entries for fields on the agent script. Upon entering a value in the script, the field is checked against the predefined field definition and the system can flag the entry if it does not match. The agent is immediately prompted to correct the value. The field definitions are specified in a widely used regular expression syntax.

"The changes in the Q-Suite agent screens make it easier for call centers to collect data easily and accurately" said Indosoft CEO Gabe Bourque in a statement. "Q-Suite 5.9 represents a major improvement in our agent interface, and in the ease of use for contact center administrators."

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