• April 24, 2019

Impact Launches TrueLink for Partner-Driven Conversions

Impact, a provider of partnership relationship solutions, has launched TrueLink mobile technology as part of its Partnership Cloud platform for expanded support of traditional mobile web and in-app partnerships.

Impact's Partnership Cloud with TrueLink now offers both deep linking to specific product pages in apps as well as tracking of in-app clicks and conversions to validate partner attribution.

TrueLink combines a number of functionalities to support deep linking and track both mobile web and in-app partnerships. Partnership teams can use TrueLink to direct usesr to desired destinations with the goal of securing mobile conversions, such as lead form submissions, purchases, or membership sign-ups. They provide partners with a single link that takes users to a specific location in their apps, download pages in the app store, or the equivalent mobile web pages. Impact's tracking system ensures partner attribution for all sales and in-app events.

"By enhancing our Partnership Cloud platform for expanded support of mobile environments, both mobile web and in-app, we're excited to bring to market a cohesive solution that's ready for large-scale adoption by a range of businesses and generates significant value for them," said Mike Head, general manager of Partnership Cloud at Impact, in a statement. "Impact Partnership Cloud customers are now able to accelerate revenue growth and mobile conversion rates and accurately attribute partner success through the deep mobile web and in-app linking and conversion tracking provided by TrueLink."

"The concept of deep linking and tracking is challenging when it comes to the in-app world due to the number of variables, e.g. from app to app, mobile web to app, or vice versa," said Matt Wool, president at Acceleration Partners, in a statement. "With Impact's mobile capabilities, we're excited to help our clients drive revenue from the growing volume of conversions they're already seeing from their mobile app users. Tracking activity means we can optimize mobile user engagement, compensate appropriately, and strengthen relationships with partners."

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