• November 3, 2016

Immersion Launches Haptic Ad Service

Immersion, a provider of touch feedback technology, has launched its Haptic Ad Service, enabling advertisers to add touch effects to premium HTML mobile video ads.

Immersion's cloud-based solution uses the industry VAST and VPAID online video ad standards to enable advertisers to design touch effects for mobile vide, and serve and sync the effects with mobile ads as they run in real time.

Made with Immersion's haptic technology, touch effects in video create immersive mobile ads. Metrics from an outstream mobile video campaign showed that users experiencing video ads with haptics were 51 percent more likely to unmute their phones to engage more fully with the content.

"We're thrilled to see that in multiple studies, the key performance metrics confirm impressive increase in user engagement," said Todd Whitaker, vice president of marketing and product management at Immersion, in a statement. "Over the last year, we saw incredible momentum from in-app haptic ads. With our new standards-based service offering, we're making it easier than ever to conduct trials of haptics in mobile video ads and to immediately transition these trials into production, so that advertisers can start experiencing the value that the sense of touch can bring to their media campaigns."

Immersion's Haptic Ad Service supports haptics in mobile advertisements from creation to distribution with a full offering of design tools for creatives, haptic design services, campaign management, and real-time haptic ad delivery. Features include the following:

  • TouchSense Design Cloud, a haptic design toolkit for creating touch effects for mobile video ad content and share the design with teams. TouchSense Design Cloud also encodes and prepares the haptic ad for distribution.
  • TouchSense Campaign Manager, a platform to run, track, manage, and optimize haptic ad campaigns. Users can set deployment parameters for haptic tracks that align with the ad campaign. Haptic impressions are tracked with haptic ad tags and exported from TouchSense Campaign Manager.

Immersion also offers custom haptic design services for personalized creative and technical support for those who want to use haptic technology to create compelling mobile ads.

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