• April 18, 2018

Iki Launches as a New Marketing Tool

Iki launched today as a swipe-based experience that provides marketers with insightful survey data about their target markets.

"Using proprietary iki technology, marketers easily create a stack of swipeable ikis," said iki CEO Gregory Taddeo in a statement. "It offers more targeting than Facebook ads and more control than AdWords. Step by step, the intuitive dashboard at getiki.com makes it easy."

To use iki, marketers choose an image and enter a promotional statement or question for that image. The system then generates a link for the appropriate stack. The marketer then just needs to add a promo code at the end of the stack to further enhance its stickiness.

From the getiki.com dashboard, users can view how many people swiped and how they swiped on each iki.

Typical iki transactions could include the following:

  • Do you like these jeans? Swipe yes.
  • Would you buy these jeans if they were 30 percent off? Swipe yes.
  • Would you like to order them now? Swipe yes.
  • Do you want to share this with a friend? Swipe no.

"Post it, embed it, email it, text it. The opportunity for a marketing message to live longer and ignite a more interactive experience is almost guaranteed with the iki system. "This is the next big thing in digital marketing, and the best part is, you don't need to be a senior media strategist to use it," Taddeo said.

iki works on any platform, and no downloads or apps are needed.

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