• January 29, 2019

IPsoft Introduces 1RPA Powered by Conversational AI

IPsoft, a provider of enterprise artificial intelligence solutions, has released 1RPA, a robotic process automation (RPA) solution powered by conversational AI that allows businesses to create automations at scale.

1RPA is part of the larger 1Desk suite from IPsoft.

"RPA is an important automation technology; however, according to HfS Research, 60 percent of the C-suite leaders in the Global 2000 are not satisfied with the outcomes. This is primarily because of the manual overhead in configuring and maintaining the RPA solutions," said Chetan Dube, CEO of IPsoft, in a statement. RPA needs to be self-actualizing and sentient for it to deliver on the expected ROI promises. It should auto-configure itself based on observing the behaviors of agents serving clients. The launch of 1RPA is that watershed moment in the evolution of robotic automation technology."

IPsoft's cognitive AI lets users build automations without coding or data structuring. As users guide 1RPA's digital colleague, Amelia, through each step of a business process, Amelia builds an automation for them.

Bots created with 1RPA can read web pages, emails, programs, or unstructured text. They organize the data and then deliver the correct placements for an automation.

With 1RPA's dynamic scalability, IPsoft doesn't charge additional fees to generate more throughput. 1RPA is available as a yearly, per-bot subscription with no fees for additional components or concurrent running processes.

1RPA is agentless; it doesn't require software agents to be installed on PCs. Companies can choose their own operating system, including Windows, Mac, or Linux. Additionally, if a business already works with a traditional RPA vendor, IPsoft will work with its clients to leverage and reuse existing designs

If companies like what they see, they can deploy 1RPA directly into production or on a trial basis for a pilot.

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