• September 19, 2017

IDology Partners With ThreatMetrix for Identity Fraud Prevention

IDology has joined the ThreatMetrix Connect program by integrating the ExpectID identity verification solution into the ThreatMetrix fraud, identity, and authentication platform.

ThreatMetrix customers can now benefit from plug-and-play access to additional identity verification services from IDology. A pre-built connector to the ExpectID API means that it can be invoked based on the risk profile of the transaction following a unique analysis from ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network on the legitimacy of the user's true identity.

The integration will enable improved identity verification across multiple industries, including financial services, payments, lending, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, travel, and more.

Through the IDology integration, ThreatMetrix customers will now have access to enhanced fraud mitigation through the IDology Collaborative Fraud Network. ThreatMetrix will also use IDology's ExpectID Score solution with Adaptive Scoring to accommodate a broader spectrum of scoring scenarios.

"Identity verification today is as much about removing friction from legitimate customers as it is about stopping fraud. Today's consumers are mobile-enabled, they want seamless transactions, and they want them fast. IDology and ThreatMetrix are both focused on enabling modern digital experiences while still performing KYC and stopping fraud," said Chris Luttrell, senior vice president of operations at IDology, in a statement.

"At ThreatMetrix, we offer digital businesses end-to-end identity, fraud, and authentication orchestration to help them protect against rising cybercrime while offering their users a slick user experience. Partnering with IDology has enabled a key enhancement to our identity verification services, which can be uniquely combined with dynamic, global shared intelligence from the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network. By working together, we help organizations to understand the true identity of their users with unprecedented accuracy," said Alisdair Faulkner, chief products officer at ThreatMetrix, in a statement.

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