• February 7, 2014

Humm Launches Customer Feedback Portal for Restaurants

Humm, a startup aimed at changing the way guest-centric businesses interact with customers, today officially unveiled its patent-pending technology and analytics platform.

With celebrity chef and entrepreneur Robert Irvine as a partner, Humm is providing restaurateurs and other guest-centric businesses, like retail and health and wellness, with access to real-time customer feedback, enabling them to improve their guest experience and head off online negativity.

Additional key features offered via the Humm portal for restaurateurs and other guest-centric businesses include the following:

  • Instant Alerts: Receive real-time updates via SMS and email;
  • Natural Language Sentiment Analysis: Humm's proprietary tool analyzes free-form comments;
  • Performance Tracking: Humm tracks and ranks the performance for each of a businesses' locations and its employees based on  guest perception and experience;
  • Anytime Reporting: for creating and sharing rich reports of detailed customer data; and
  • Aggregated Data: Humm scans publicly-facing user review sites like Yelp, OpenTable, and TripAdvisor, providing a single destination to monitor online reputation and fraudulent reviews.

Humm's proprietary platform has helped clients capture and analyze guest feedback in real time at response rates of 85 percent to 95 percent. By allowing guests to voice their opinions while still in the establishment, companies adopting the Humm platform have experienced up to a 43 percent reduction in negative customer reviews on user-generated review sites. In its first year, Humm also prompted more than 150,000 interactions between businesses and their guests, allowing business operators to authentically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their operations.

"The service industry is facing the most empowered customers the world has ever seen," said Bernard Briggs, Humm founder and CEO, in a statement. "Given the state of the industry, developing tools to engage with these customers at the right time and in the right way is paramount to their survival, and it's what Humm is maniacally focused on providing."

Powered by an Android tablet exclusively running Humm's customizable application, the Humm platform lets customers voice their opinions prior to leaving the establishment. They can also join email lists and loyalty programs right on the device.

The feedback shared by each customer is captured and instantly uploaded to Humm's Insights Portal, a proprietary cloud-based software that business owners and managers can directly access to view actionable insights from raw customer data in real time. The Humm Insights Portal also features a mix of tools that allows stakeholders to stay in tune with their businesses while on the go.

"For me, the ability to be involved with my restaurant on a guest-level from anywhere in the world is incredibly valuable," Irvine said in a statement. "I am very impressed with what Humm has done for my restaurant, Nosh, and I'm excited about becoming a partner in this very promising business."

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