• March 1, 2017

HubSpot Partners with Brightcove and Enthusem

HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales software company, has integrated Brightcove's video analytics directly into its platform.

"Our customers are savvy, forward-thinking marketers, and we are always looking to provide them with innovative solutions to help them grow," said Brad Coffey, chief strategy officer at HubSpot, in a statement. "Video continues to be an important medium for our customers, and we're excited to be teaming up with Brightcove to bring their robust video analytics directly into our product offering."

The Brightcove and HubSpot integration automatically attaches detailed viewership data to contacts and allows for enhanced lead scoring, automated responses, and capturing leads with custom in-video forms. For example, HubSpot customers using the integration can score leads of those who watch 75 percent of a video higher than those who watch 25 percent and then send a specific follow-up email to each set of prospects based on the video that was watched.

"We're thrilled to be joining forces with HubSpot to provide marketers across the globe with the best combination of high-return technology solutions they need to succeed," said Caren Cioffi, executive vice president and general manager of enterprise and digital marketing business at Brightcove, in a statement. "We built a powerful product, Brightcove Audience, specifically for integration use cases like this one, enabling customers to connect video viewing data seamlessly with other tools in their marketing technology stack."

Hubspot also announced an integration with Enthusem, a provider of hyper-personalized direct mail software.

Enthusem's offline-to-online marketing software completed the HubSpot certification process and became a certified HubSpot Connect Partner.

The Enthusem integration for HubSpot allows HubSpot users to automate direct mail, personalized at scale, right from their HubSpot accounts as part of their marketing automation.

"We're very excited to have Enthusem join our Connect Program as a Certified Partner," Coffey said. "Their integration adds meaningful value to the inbound ecosystem."

Enthusem leverages information about the HubSpot contact so that hyper-personalized imagery is dynamically created and incorporates the contact's own social media images or company branding to build a truly personal mailer, automatically printed and mailed at the exact right time, using HubSpot workflows. Once engaged offline, the recipient then goes online for a multimedia experience that includes personal webcam videos, HubSpot landing pages, and social media content. The user's activity is monitored and pushed back to HubSpot, where it can trigger further marketing automation activity or a call from a representative.

"The online marketing climate has changed. Consumers are now paying subscription fees in order to avoid noise and unwelcomed marketing content. Entire mail and social platforms are scrambling to block fake or interruptive strategies," said Paul Blaylock, CEO and owner of Enthusem, in a statement. "Enthusem is gaining amazing traction because it avoids the clutter by leveraging Enthusem's automated personalization at-scale technology to gain attention offline. Offline, consumers can’t easily unsee or unsubscribe. Our personal messages then lead to more intent consumers engaging right back online where our clients’ trackable, personal, and rich experiences await. Marketers are quickly recognizing Enthusem as a necessary component in their omnichannel marketing automation mix."

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