• October 21, 2020

HubSpot Introduces Marketing Contacts

HubSpot, a growth platform provider, today launched marketing contacts, a pricing model that allows customers to only pay for the contacts to whom they want to market via email or ads. Customers can also store up to 1 million contacts, such as unsubscribed and bounced contacts, to whom they don't actively market, for free.

"New contact pricing has been one of the most-requested feature improvements from HubSpot customers, particularly as we have more businesses managing their entire front office through our platform. We want to encourage growth, not prohibit it with our pricing," said Brad Coffey, chief strategy officer at HubSpot, in a statement. "With marketing contacts, our customers will now be able to bring all of their contacts into HubSpot without worrying about paying for ones they won't be marketing to. Having those contacts in one place will give them the important context they need to better serve and delight their customers."

With marketing contacts, customers can do the following:

  • Identify marketing contacts with a simple eligibility flow that surfaces all bounced and unsubscribed contacts;
  • Add custom filters and lists as needed;
  • Store up to 1 million non-marketing contacts in their databases for free; and
  • Keep their databases clean with automatic categorization of marketing and non-marketing contacts.

"Being able to pay for only the contacts we need is a game-changer for us," said Matthew Stephens, managing director at eHotelier, in a statement. "As a growing business, it's important for us to make sure that the money we spend is giving us the best return on our investment. Marketing contacts helps us do just that by allowing us to focus on delighting our customers without worrying about our budget."

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