• January 19, 2016

Hostcomm Launches ContactFlow CRM

Hostcomm, a provider of Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) services, has launched a new CRM offering, Hostcomm ContactFlow CRM.

Hosted on dedicated servers with firewall protection for added security, ContactFlow CRM combines the advanced business process automation, VoIP integration, dialer technology, scripting, and a secure client portal.

"We've seen the impact that a CRM system can have, but also the costs incurred in getting a system live and embedded into an organization," said Chris Key, director at Hostcomm, in a statement. "With everything moving to the cloud, we wanted to deliver a secure solution - hosted, but hosted on a dedicated server. As a result, we could give businesses control over their own databases, as well as firewall protection that just isn't available on a shared server. As for features, we'd seen that a joined-up approach to the sales pipeline gets results, but achieving that seamlessness has traditionally meant paying for multiple packages at great expense. We realised there was no technical reason that a CRM system had to be so expensive - we could give people the advanced features they'd expect to integrate into an enterprise platform, without the expense."

Built on SugarCRM, ContactFlow CRM is highly tailored and supplemented with features like workflow automation, which can handle tasks like sending follow-up email after a call or dispatching sales collateral, with no user input.

ContactFlow CRM also includes integrated dialer capabilities. While telesales teams can work in the dialer separately from the CRM system, their call dispositions can lead to follow-up events in the CRM system itself. For example, leads can be dropped directly into the CRM system, triggering workflow and continued contact from the customer care team. Similarly, leads from Web forms can be inserted into the CRM, triggering outbound calling activity to close the sale.

In addition, ContactFlow CRM includes a secure client portal, which acts as a secure means of interaction between businesses and their customers. In effect, customers can log into an area of the CRM system to view their information, communication records, raise and track support cases, and upload documents.

Finally, VoIP integration gives businesses one-click calling and screen pops of customer records.

Hostcomm ContactFlow CRM offers full database access. If storage space runs low, customers can archive older records that are infrequently used, add additional storage modules to their dedicated server, or migrate to a larger server. Similarly, organizations retain full access to their databases, allowing the use of advanced reporting solutions like Crystal Reports.

"We want ContactFlow CRM to be an asset, not an obstacle," Key said. "And the best way to do that is to give businesses complete control and the maximum choice. We've included a huge range of features that aren't usually seen in a CRM system on this price level. People can use ContactFlow CRM in a way that makes sense for them, whether they're a call center running a big outbound campaign or taking leads from a Web form and automatically responding by email and SMS. It's high flexibility, at a low cost."

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