• May 15, 2015

HiP Unveils Historical Behavior Scoring

Demand generation agency HiP today released Historical Behavior Scoring(HBS) to provide marketers with engagement data, such as email opens, clicks, and form completions, collected from more than 300 million email sends.

With HBS, a proprietary algorithm matches contacts to records in the database and assigns numeric scores based on type, frequency, and recency of topically relevant engagement. According to the company, these scores will help clients to more effectively segment lists and identify contacts with purchase intent.

Historical Behavior Scoring offers the following features:

  • HBS can be configured to pull engagement from a defined time period, rather than the entire database;
  • Recency weights that automatically adjust to remain proportional to defined time periods;
  • Segmentation based on department, broadcast topic, and broadcast sub-topic tags, to only pull engagement from only the most relevant campaigns; and
  • Weekly data updates.

"We've created something here that we believe could change outbound lead generation," said HiP CEO and founder, Bret Smith, in a statement."We live in a data-driven world. Marketing activities continue to become smarter and more connected. It's time lead generation followed suit. We have to stop looking at form completions as isolated activities and consider them for what they really are: one data point in a longer series of engagement."

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