• April 23, 2015

HeyWire Adds to Its LiveText Business Messenger App

HeyWire, providers of an enterprise mobile messaging service, has updated its HeyWire LiveText Business Messenger app.

Available now for iOS and Android devices, and with Web browser, Mac and Windows apps, HeyWire LiveText Business Messenger enables business' existing main phone numbers for two-way texting and provides a mobile messaging app for employees to send and receive customer texts. HeyWire's Business Messenger provides messaging features for business users, like synchronized mobile, Web and desktop access, CRM integration, message archiving, secure logins, and auto-reply features. Plus, it works with standard text messages so customers don't need to download special apps to text business numbers.

Additional features include the following:

  • Full Conversation History: When customers text a business, Business Messenger displays previous conversations with that customer so the business has the full context of earlier interactions.
  • Intelligent Auto-Reply: In addition to providing auto-notification messages with a customizable response ("Thanks for your inquiry, we'll be right with you", or "Our office is currently closed"), businesses can now screen important incoming texts and respond after hours or when otherwise not available for regular service.
  • Improved Contact Management: HeyWire LiveText Business Messenger can automatically import mobile device contacts and also lets businesses add or edit names from texting conversations in both the device and Web apps to capture new contact information as customers text them.

"Customers want to engage the companies they do business with through private, two-way messaging, with no special apps or confusing shortcodes required, and without the need to broadcast themselves on social media. They no longer want to call companies. Our growing base of customers demonstrates that once companies companies realize this can be accomplished through use of a new category of open mobile messaging services that embraces texting, they want it," said Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO of HeyWire, in a statement. "Given the similar sales and support challenges these companies face across industries, we know business texting will soon become even more critical as companies look for competitive advantages in the customer experience economy."

The latest version of HeyWire LiveText Business Messenger is available for no-cost trial via theiTunes and Google Play app stores.

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