• February 25, 2015

Grexit Launches Mailflo for Customer Support Via Gmail Accounts

Grexit has launched Mailflo, a Google Chrome customer support add-on integrated into the sidebar of users' Gmail accounts.

Once installed, Mailflo allows team managers to turn customer email into tasks, assign it to team members, and have an ongoing overview of its progress alongside other assigned tasks without having to switch between dashboards or applications. Team members who have been assigned are then notified via messages in their Gmail inboxes, accompanied by the original customer email.

Mailflo also lets users write notes alongside email conversations, which get automatically shared with everyone in the team. Another useful feature is shared email templates, which can be embedded effectively to customer emails, streamlining the support process even further.

"Mailflo, like our already established GrexIt product, combines the flexibility and simplicity of email to a CRM-style model in order to create one of the most straightforward collaborative tools on the market," said Niraj Ranjan Rout, co-founder and CEO of Mailflo, in a statement. "By conducting customer support and sales lead management through Gmail, teams save time by not having to learn a whole new program and are more efficient as they complement communication with tasks right on email."

"We've already had the experience and ideas with Grexit, which sought to help teams collaborate around email threads. Now, our focus is to build on this, bringing more functionality through Mailflo for users who want to do customer support seamlessly from their Gmail," said Mailflo co-founder Nitesh Nandy, in a statement. "Mailflo brings just the right amount of functionality to Gmail to make it suited for efficient collaboration. Unlike other tools, we focus on an email-centric approach that, from our experience with Grexit, we know that a lot of small and medium sized teams prefer to get their job done painlessly from their own inbox."

Businesses can download and use Mailflo for free to manage 10 tasks per day with up to five email templates. Pro users can pay $8 per month for 100 tasks per day, and can have 50 email templates, while $14 will allow businesses unlimited use of the add-on.

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