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  • May 28, 2015

Gravy Releases AdmitOne Attendance Verification Solution

Gravy a location-based behavioral analytics and marketing segmentation provider, has launched AdmitOne, an attendance verification technology for location-based marketers.

AdmitOne scrutinizes every location signal Gravy receives to anonymously confirm actual attendances and visits, whether at a restaurant, retail location, hotel, local concert, or sporting event. Using rigorous entry/exit and dwell time parameters combined with date/time and hours-of-operation metadata, Gravy confirms when mobile customers actually spend time at events and places and rejects signals indicating that they just walked by, dropped someone off, or were at a location outside of actual business hours.

"Now that we've implemented AdmitOne we actually reject over 50 percent of the signals we receive, deeming them insufficient to confirm attendances and visits," said Jeff White, CEO of Gravy, in a statement. "For the first time, marketers can have the confidence to invest in location-based messaging and media, knowing that they'll be reaching receptive customers with relevant offers."

AdmitOne is available as an integrated component of Gravy GOLD, the company's local insights and context platform.

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