• June 22, 2021

Grammarly Adds Communications Features

Grammarly, a provider of software to help companies improve their written communication, today added a number of features to Grammarly Business.

The new features enable leaders to improve business outcomes and measure the impact of Grammarly Business with greater controls and insights. They include the following:

  • Snippets, with preset response templates and the ability to insert commonly used messages and content in just a few keystrokes;
  • Brand tone profiles that specify which tones team members should use and which they should avoid;
  • The ability for large teams to create and customize up to 50 style guides within a single organization.
  • Analytics dashboard metrics to identify communication trends, strengths, and metrics for continuous improvement.

"As businesses adjust to a future of work that is ever-evolving and more reliant on digital collaboration, effective communication will be the catalyst for meeting new business demands. We're excited by how Grammarly's AI-powered capabilities contribute to a business culture of effective digital communication that delivers real results," company officials said in a blog post earlier today.

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